About IEEE Corporate Membership

The Corporate Program allows companies to engage and influence technology development to ensure their business interests are heard and represented. Ensuring a uniform playing field among standards collaborators, all corporate standards (also called “entity” standards) are balloted using a “one company, one vote” principle. There are several IEEE-SA Membership tiers and levels as represented below.

Membership Tier Comp. Members Basic *Advanced
Corporations with less than $5 million in annual revenue, academic institutions, associations, nonprofits, government agencies 2 US $1500 US $4200
Corporations with $5 to $100 million in annual revenue. 5 US $4000 US $8000
Corporations with $100 to $500 million in annual revenue 7 US $5600 US $12000
Corporations with more than $500 million in annual revenue 10 US $8800 US $16000

Member Benefits

The following benefits are available to all Members.

  • Unlimited Corporate Working Group (Observing) Attendees
  • Unlimited Sponsor Balloting of Corporate Projects
  • Tiered number of Complimentary IEEE-SA Individual Memberships
  • Participation in & nomination of employees for IEEE-SA Corporate Advisory (CAG) and Board of Governors (BOG) elections
  • Ability to subscribe to and access Corporate Program newsletters, news alerts, events and private web areas
  • Subscription to Corporate Standards Working Group public reflectors
  • Discounts on the purchase of IEEE Standards
  • IEEE SA Corporate Program Channel

PLUS! Advanced Members Receive:

  • Unlimited Working Group participation
  • Voting privileges in an unlimited number of corporate Projects
  • Ability to initiate new corporate standards projects
  • Ability to become Working Group officers on Corporate Projects
  • Eligibility to participate in Industry Connections Program activities